About the Community

The community of Mevaseret Zion (Kamatz) is made up of people like you who form a Jewish community, and a spiritual and spiritual life that has a sacredness, an affinity for tradition and a connection to the roots. We believe that Jewish tradition and heritage, and Jewish morality, are an integral part of contemporary Jewish-Israeli identity. The community emphasizes the commandments between man and his friend and allows the religious-ritual thinking and practice to take into account the changes of the times, the development of society, the sciences and technology.

The Mevaseret Zion community enables a wide and diverse community in the community to express its Jewishness in a egalitarian and democratic way. In Mevaseret Zion, which today has about 30,000 residents, the community is responding to secular families who seek to carry out life-cycle ceremonies in a way that has a deep meaning for them, in a liberal and modern spirit, to learn and act for social justice through religious ideas. Therefore, Kamatz brings together a wide range of people and groups with different backgrounds and many common denominators.