Kamatz History

We invite you to come and visit our home on the “Chalilim Ridge” and enjoy the variety of activities offered.

We, Kamatz members of Mevaseret Zion and the surrounding area, are proud to be part of a vibrant community that brings to the Israeli experience spiritual wealth and pluralistic and egalitarian Judaism that combines tradition and modernity.
In recent decades, Israeli society has changed – more and more people are looking for Judaism that is open, meaningful and relevant to them. Various people are looking for diverse ways to connect with Judaism, and feel that the religious services that exist in the country do not provide satisfactory answers. In addition, we are witnessing cultural change and values ​​that encourage individualism and competitiveness, creating an atmosphere of alienation and remoteness. As a result, women and men are looking for a community framework that will give them a sense of belonging, develop responsibility and leadership, and present a sense of value.
The Mevaseret Zion community (Kamatz) of the Reform movement in Israel was founded in 1993 to provide a Jewish, pluralistic and equitable response in the geographical area of ​​Mevaseret Zion – a community characterized by a multitude of communities and cultures. Kamatz offers a wealth of activities in the fields of religion, culture, society and education for its members and the general public in and around the community. Those seeking equitable prayers that combine tradition and renewal will find a synagogue for Sabbath and holiday prayers; Those interested in learning about contemporary Judaism and Jewish-Israeli connections are invited to a cultural center with a variety of courses; Kamatz offers a variety of opportunities to reform the world and improve the society we live in. Kamatz runs kindergartens and youth movements to seek pluralistic Jewish education for their sons and daughters.
Kamatz seeks to allow Israelis to revive their Jewish identity and to integrate in an effort to transform Mevaseret Zion and Israeli society as a whole into a more just, open and stronger environment.
We invite you to come and visit our home on the Halilim Ridge and enjoy the variety of activities offered.