Chairperson- Michal Shavit

An active member of Kamatz for 20 years, and Chairperson since July 2017.

She holds a BA in History and Education and a MA in History and Education from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Michal graduated from the Mandel Educational Leadership Institute and has attended several international leadership development and management seminars. She has years of management experience as the Principal of a junior high school in Mevasseret Zion and of a high school in Maccabim Reut.

Michal was a board member and Deputy Principal at the L’Yada High School next in Jerusalem for 15 years and has led many successful educational programs. She has experience as an educator and history teacher.

She currently serves as Director of Education Development at the Society for the Advancement of Education in Jerusalem. She has worked with principals, administrations and educational teams in the school on elementary, educational boarding schools and various projects.

In recent years she has been a partner in the establishment of an ultra-Orthodox high school Yeshiva, an ultra-Orthodox science and arts seminar for ultra-Orthodox girls, a joint religious and secular high school, and an Arab youth village and Arab high school for leadership and excellence in Givat Haviva, which she continues to accompany to this day.