Connecting to Reform Jews Worldwide

The community maintains a constant dialogue with Diaspora Jewry, believing that it is our place to hear, voice and influence the lives of our brothers and sisters and to help preserve the ongoing relationship between the land and the Diaspora. Therefore, we invite members of the overseas communities, that are visiting Israel, for prayer and Shabbat dinner. The Kamatz hosts open their hearts and allow informal dialogues on Israeli daily life.

From what we have heard from the guests, this is one of the highlights of their visit to the country that opens a window to the beautiful sides of Israel, and generates sympathy and support for the country and the state.

We invite you to host a family Shabbat dinner from world Jewry. This is an opportunity for you to have a special and meaningful experience that will be embedded in your guests’ memory and your memories.

Families interested in hosting are welcome to contact Meirav, community coordinator: .